Life’s a Pitch: BFS Hi-Growth Speed Pitch Challenge

Team Appointedd is getting excited… On the first Wednesday of November 2014, the hi-growth speed pitch challenge will take place in Edinburgh – and we’ve got some friends taking part! So it was the perfect opportunity for us to have a chat with the organiser of Business Forum Scotland, Mary Strachan, and some of […]
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Lessons Learned about Learning Lessons from Brad Sugars

On Monday night, Appointedd attended a seminar in Glasgow held by the phenomenal Brad Sugars on his Buying Customers Tour. For those of you who don’t know about him, Brad Sugars is the founder and chairman of ActionCOACH, and has owned and operated 56 companies in his time. He is also the author of a number […]
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How to make the most of a negative review

It is an increasing tendency: more and more people look online before making the decision to have a service performed in a small business they do not know about. It is perfectly normal; everybody wants to make sure they will get what they want. People need some insurance before trying a new place, so […]
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Three ways your brain could be tricking you when it comes to time

Has today’s work flown by or is it dragging along? You may be surprised to find that everything from how tired you are to how hot the room is might affect how your brain has perceived the passage of time. We’ve looked previously at how you can manage your time when you’re working, but […]
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Why we’re excited about Hyper-Local Ads – and why you should be too!

Within the next few months a fabulous opportunity is coming to small businesses in the UK and we’re super excited about it! Facebook have just announced the launch of their new hyper-local ads, allowing small businesses such as yours to target their local audience at the lowest cost. It shows your advert to people within your […]
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Time-Saving Tips for the Timepreneurs!

At Appointedd, we have small businesses at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about empowering them to succeed, as easily and efficiently as possible. Whether you are a photographer, freelancer, salon, DJ, therapist, or cleaner – you are all in the business of selling your most valuable asset – time. You guys […]
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Make the (online) bookings come in!

If you are reading this, chances are you started using Appointedd (or another online booking software, that’s fine too!) or that you are considering doing so for your business. Well, that is great! Switching to online booking is a great way to improve your business and be more efficient.  Starting to use an online […]
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Business Tools to Disguise Freak Outs

Every small business and startup has those crazy days, or weeks, or possibly even months when you literally spend the entire time running around like a headless chicken. This could be for a number of reasons: deadlines – or worse – changing deadlines; a chock-a-block week booked full of appointments; events and travelling, or just […]
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Small Business Owners CAN Innovate

As someone who studies business and entrepreneurship at University and at the same time works with and amongst REAL small businesses, there is one thing that really bugs me. What really bugs me is the assumption that a “small business owner” is different to an “entrepreneur” because they are less innovative, have less of a […]
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5 Tips for dog groomers, dog walkers and pet sitters

We love pet services businesses here at Appointedd. We work ourselves with some dog walkers and we can observe how passionate and attentive they are with their little protégés (well, they are not all that little). People want to find those kinds of people to take care of their pets. Leaving the care of […]
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