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We know what it’s like. Running a small business can sometimes drive you crazy. But that’s just because nobody has let you in on the secret yet…

What if you could run your entire business from one easy website? Take bookings online and keep all records up to date automatically? Well, wouldn’t that be sweet…

Appointedd – Small Business Tools by an Ambitious Small Business

While others do online booking, we do joined up business solutions. We’re not just another small business online booking software. And we’re definitely not a dusty old business management software system.

We empower small service businesses to fly.

We get you booking online and sending automated email and SMS campaigns. You save time by avoiding the duplication of work that comes when using multiple tools.

Ditch the paper, get Appointedd.


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Step 1

We give you online booking tools. This means that your customers can book guaranteed appointments with you wherever they are, whenever they fancy. So no more missed opportunities. We give you a free online booking website, and then some pretty nifty tools for taking bookings from your own website or your Facebook page.

Step 2

We create customer records. When a new customer books (whether it’s online, on the phone or in person), we create a customer record card. When they book again, we update this. So you are always building a picture (quite literally – we encourage photos) of your customers; their likes and dislikes, when they last visited. The whole caboodle.

Step 3

We give you a great overview of your business. So you know how busy you are, how much you’re making and how many staff to rota on (and can do so in minutes). This gives you total control and allows you to plan your business and make sure that *it* is working for *you*, not the other way round. Which is why you started your own business, right?

Step 4

We give you great marketing tools. Our email and SMS marketing suite allows you to boost your business and supercharge your profits. You can automate your marketing so you’re connecting with your customers however you want to, whenever you want to. You can even put deals on your booking website to attract new customers.

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