I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, Appointedd has launched!!

This last couple of weeks has been a blur of those three last words - we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops and asking our salons to do the same. But, amongst the madness, we’ve not had chance to post a blog divulging all the fabulous detail of the launch itself...

Appointedd launch

The event was at Hotel Missoni, a gorgeous explosion of colour and trademark bold Missoni prints in Edinburgh’s Old Town. As we buzzed around putting the finishing touches to the room, I knew we had chosen the right place. The most stylish hotel in Edinburgh (if not Scotland) was definitely the right place to introduce Scotland’s salons and bloggers to our stylish new site!

Just before 10am, people started to arrive. And I started to get excited (ahem, nervous). As I said on the day, you invite the people you want to attend, but you never think they’ll actually come!

We were lucky enough to be joined by some of the most influential people in the hair and beauty industry in Scotland… PR gurus were schmoozing with salon MDs, and we were delighted to have such a good turnout of fabulous beauty bloggers who had travelled from miles around to attend the launch - Sandra from Beauty Balm, Jade from Diamonds and Faith, Iona from Iona Blog, Lyndsey from Allsorts and Anecdotes, Lynne from Cocktails and Daydreams,  Gillian from Elevator Musik, Amanda from Bunny Beautiful, Roxanne from Exile or Exhibit, Laura from The Likely Lady, Aline from Aline Mode, Stacey from Beautiful Solutions and, last but not least, Sofia from Sofia's Journal.

Leah Hutcheon - Appointedd

Missoni was abuzz with gossip and oohs and ahhs over the centrepiece of the event, a 27” Mac showing our site. I felt so proud of my team as they were showing bloggers and salons through the online booking process. And then it was time for me to do my speech. As a hush fell over the room I would go as far as to say I felt a calm come over me. I love the hair and beauty industry and, at that moment, I felt so supported by it! The next fifteen minutes went by in a blur - all I remember was talking about how excited I was by the opportunities that lay ahead of us!

Social for Salons at Appointedd

We were then lucky enough to have James Econs from Social for Salons join us live on Skype from Bangkok. We are working really closely with S4S to ensure that the salons who work with us have access amazing social media training, and it was great to have James take the audience through some of his top tips for social success.

One of the main things we wanted to achieve from our launch was to introduce our partner companies to the network of salons and bloggers. Next up was the fabulous Laura Carroll from Prezent. Laura is a fascinating speaker who used to dance in the Moulin Rouge, and she had the audience eating out of her hand.

Cakes at Hotel Missoni

After a quick cake-break, our panel was introduced to the front of the room and we had some debates about issues facing the hair and beauty industries. It was great to hear so many different points of view from the different sides of the industry. We were having such great discussions that we ran a little over time, but it was definitely worth it.

Leah Hutcheon and Andrew James

The networking time was fantastic - it was great to see the salons chatting with the bloggers who had attended. One of the things we are most excited about at Appointedd is the fact we get to connect salons with bloggers, because I think both sides will definitely benefit from more interaction with each other.

Networking at Appointedd launch

We’ve only had one blog posted about the day so far, and that’s from the lovely Sandra at Beauty Balm, but we are hopeful that we will get more bloggers’ thoughts on the launch soon. I’ll update you here as we do!

Let us know what you think of our new online booking site below…

Leah x

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