Is your dream job to work in a salon? Dreading those interview questions the beauty industry will fire at you? Be cool and confident with these tips and tricks for you to nail that interview and land your perfect salon job!


perfect interview technique

The perfect interview technique



Think about the WOW effect; having read your CV, you want your prospective employer to say ‘Wow, I want to meet this person!’. Don’t forget to add in any training courses, qualifications and certifications you have received. Have someone read over it too, a fresh pair of eyes never hurts.



Contact nearby salons to allow you to gain work experience, this will look fab on your CV and will enhance your possibility of getting the job. Ensure you're up to date with upcoming beauty treatments and events in the area; be knowledge in the key field you want to work i.e. nails, hair or face.


Make The Right Impression

First impressions definitely always count in interviews. Know where you're going, be punctual, do some research on the company and have a few questions to ask them. It will show you're keen to know more and shows you use your initiative. Look open, friendly and outgoing; the employer will want to see how easily you can interact with clients in the salon.


Do Your Research

What house colour does the salon use? What beauty brands does the salon work with? Does the salon do any specialist services, like hair extensions or permanent blow dry?  Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a head start.


salon interview


Dress To Impress

This is a must. When working in the beauty industry, being super groomed will reflect positively on the salon image. Keep makeup natural, fresh and minimal. Keep hair clean and nails manicured to look their best. Knowing what image the soon has can allow you to perfect your interview look.


Promote Yourself

Answer the questions briefly and accurately, stay honest and always focus on your strengths - be positive! Be enthusiastic about the beauty industry and any services you will be required to carry out in the job. Everybody loves a keen learner.


Wrap It Up

Avoid bringing up any staff benefits or incentives, leave this sort of thing to the employer. Ask not what the company can do for you, but what you can do for them. Summarise why you would love the job and then thank the interviewer for their time and leave them with a positive impression!

Good luck!


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