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When you run a salon business, there are times when you feel the business has slumped due to economy, or that you are running out of clients. You probably do not know why the number of clients is declining, or how to revive it. If you are in a similar situation, these 7 ways to improve your salon business can come in handy.

Marketing: Irrespective of what you’ve heard, marketing is the key to success in any venture. You should market your services to attract new clients, or remind existing clients about your service. According to marketing expert Jay Abraham, the only way to earn more is by getting new clients, getting your existing clients to shell out more money and by getting your existing clients walk in more often. This very true, but you have to do it the right way. For that, marketing is very important. Try getting more attention for your salon in the area where your salon is, using banners, giving out pamphlets, etc.

Impression: Now, when people come to your salon, they should be impressed. After all, first impression is the best impression. The salon should be neatly organized, decorated well and the staff should look good too. After all, you are in the fashion industry and everything should reflect that. The interiors, equipment used and everything else, should look trendy and attractive. Only based on these aspects, will they decide to trust you with their styling requirements.

One-Stop Solution: Many hair salons offer specific services; however, not many will want to go to multiple places for their requirements. Add more services to your menu, so people can drop by for all their styling requirements. Of course, you can choose a niche or specialize in kids, or men, or women, etc. Even so, offering all the related services for the chosen group is important. This way, you can upsell and cross-sell your services to your existing clients and persuade them to come more often.

Price Right: Unlike what many believe, giving discounts or freebies or even offering discounts aren't in your best interests! If someone is looking at cheap services, they would rather go to any Tom, Dick or Harry for their haircuts! Why do they come to your salon? Because, they want better services and because they believe salons are more hygienic than a barber shop. Isn't it? If your prices are outrageously low, or when you offer discounts or freebies, your customers might feel the services or hygiene will be compromised in that process. Besides, some will wait for the next discount and push their next visit to the salon, or look at alternatives. So, make sure you charge right prices, never more or less.


Referrals: Request your regular clients for referrals. Even today, word of mouth marketing is the best marketing method. If they can tell about your salon to their friends and relatives, you are likely to win them too! Besides, you can also consider introducing referral bonuses to motivate them to refer.

Try to Make Your Salon Exclusive: Most clients will have all the leading brands, or endorse a popular brand. But unless you have something unique about your salon, you don’t give your clients a reason to stick with you. Right? After all, we also go with a particular company for specific products we like, for a reason. You can choose what the unique factor should be.

Customer Retention: This is one area where many fail. Of course, marketing can bring in new clients and you might have people dropping in every now and then, but what about customer base? Every business thrives based on their customer base. You have to earn them. The only way is by offering them value and making sure every customer is satisfied. When you establish a good rapport, make sure they get what they want and more, you earn them and retain them in the longer run.

When you adhere to these 7 simple ways, your salon business will not only thrive but also become popular and sought after.

 Kristen is the owner of Studio 11 Hair Salon in Orlando Florida. She loves to write and provide her clients the best hair services.

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